Today’s Kevin Klein Live had itself a bit of a rough start, as Kevin showed up late as a result of a less than desirable illness and self-medicating himself with alcohol and NyQuil. Despite these obstacles, Kevin managed to make it to the show in time for the 7 At 7, where the show looked at some of the biggest lies that parents tell their children. You know it’s a great list when Kevin reacts to some of these items with surprise to learn that both people actually believed it and that he still believed some of these items.

Plus, The Generation Game got itself a new intro, but somehow was even worse than it having none to begin with. The intro provided by Useless Weirdo not only got the name of the game wrong, calling it instead “Generation Wars”, but you could barely even make out the word “wars” in the audio. But even with that set back, the members of Generation X, Xennials, and Millennials battled it out in one of the fiercest pieces of competition Kevin Klein Live has ever seen. It comes down to the wire by the end, but which age range comes through ahead? Listen below to find out.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • The show reminisces on times they’ve gone through serious effort just to get free food
  • How the new words in Merriam-Websters dictionary has made it the whitest thing on Earth
  • Proof that the brand new app works better than ev-ev-ev-e-better than-than ever!
  • And more!

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