Kevin Klein Live has never been accused of being an intelligent show, but every so often the show tries to rectify this with chats with some smarter people. Dr. Joseph A Nuth, a former scientist of NASA, called in to the show again to help answers the mysteries of life for some Dumb Questions With Smart People. Kevin and Ally shared their questions and texts from the Bay Area in hopes to get the answers they’re far too lazy to Google and Dr. Nuth was as patient as a monk dealing with the stupidity on display. Truly this man is too good for the world.

Plus, the Kevin Klein Live Prison Ramen Cook-Off is closer than ever to actually becoming a reality, with Kevin taking a call from a person who is actually in charge of supplying the items that prisoners are allowed while behind bars. This whole topic of discussion reminded Kevin of the time the show chatted with a man writing about the prison economy and wanted to play a clip from that interview, but Useless Weirdo did not have it ready. He had all the time in the world to find it, but he still managed to get upset and throw one of his infamous temper tantrums, which is always a highlight for the show!

Also on today’s podcast:

  • The show has a draft for which ingredients they’ll be allowed to use for the Prison Ramen Cook Off
  • Listeners submit themselves for the Kim Jong Un-derwear Fashion Show that will take place at the show’s 3rd birthday party
  • How the world is truly at a loss with the death of the world’s fattest woman
  • And more!

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