There’s actually a few bars in southern California with an Alice In Wonderland theme, or at least a hint of one. The Rabbit Hole in Alhambra, CA, Vin De Syrah in San Diego, but here we’re talking about The Rabbit Hole in West Hills, CA.

Open since 2013, this dive bar is located in a San Fernando Valley strip mall, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve missed it up to this point.

Located about 30 miles from Downtown L.A. (372 miles from SF), The Rabbit Hole is filled with funhouse mirrors, oddball images, and an upside-down sign out front. The bar experience has been compared to “being on acid”.

At the Alice in Wonderland bar in the Valley @therabbitholebar

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There’s no question that the place is super trippy, but if you’re an Alice In Wonderland fan that’s likely exactly what you’re looking for.

"DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE TO DISNEYLAND CONTEST®"….. tHiS mOntH wE aRe gIviNg aWaY 2️⃣ aNnUaL pAsSeS sO yOu & yOuR bFf cAn gO tO #dIsnEyLaNd tOgeTheR fOr aN eNtiRe yEaR😳👯… yOu mUsT dO tHe fOlLowInG 3️⃣ sImPlE tHinGs tO qUaLifY…..1️⃣- tAkE a pIctUrE oF yOu & yOuR #bFf sItTiNg iN oUr #tWeEdlEdEe & #tWeeDlEdUm bArsToOlS iN aNy pOsE & pOsT iT tO yOuR iNstAgrAm✔️ 2️⃣- tAg uS iN tHe pHoTo, nOt tHe cOmmEnTs aLoNg wItH yOuR bFf✔️ 3️⃣- tYpE iN tHe pOsT tHe fOlLoWiNg, "pLeAsE tAkE mE & mY bEsT fRiEnD dOwN tHe rAbBiT hOlE tO dIsNeYlAnD¡"✔️wHeN wE sEe tHe pOsT wE wiLl gIvE yOu a nUmbEr iN tHe cOmMenTs….wE wILl dRaW tHe wInNiNg nUmbEr oUt of oUr #mAdhAttEr hAt oN fRidAy jUnE 30tH aNd pOsT tHe vIdEo… **tO iNcrEaSe yOuR oDdS, yOu mAy pOsT uP tO 2️⃣ tImEs bUt tHeY mUsT bE oN dIfFeRenT dAyS & tHe pIctUrE mUsT bE a dIfFerEnT pOsE, bUt oN tHe sAmE sTooLs (nOt sAme pOsE oR sAmE pIctUrE)…. **yOu mUsT bE fOlLowInG @tHerAbBitHoLebAr tO eNtEr….iF yOu hAvE a pRiVaTe aCcOuNt, yOu gOttA cOmE oUt oF yOuR rAbBiT hOlE fOr tHe nExT 12 dAyS oThErWiSe wE cAn'T sEe iT 👀gOoD lUcK😘🗝🍄🐛♦️♣️💜♠️⏱🐰🕳

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If you’re looking to celebrate a very merry Unbirthday anytime soon feel free to make the trip to The Valley.

For more, head to Eater LA.



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