Kevin Klein Live may not have staff that you would want at your parties, but perhaps that experience is perfect for today’s 7 @ 7. The topic was all about which kinds of people to avoid inviting to a party. Ally had to defend herself against all accusations that she fits into certain stereotypes, but regardless of her takes, let’s face it: the one person from the show you don’t want at the party is, forever and always, Useless Weirdo.

Plus, there’s new scientific evidence that points to how your sex drive can be directly related to the measurements of your head. If your width is wider than your face’s height, you may have a higher sex drive, but what if your face is measured differently if you’ve put on a few pounds? Well with the fattest person on the show unwilling to answer for himself (*cough* Useless Weirdo *cough*), who knows if this study is truly accurate?

Also on today’s podcast:

  • Good News Bad News takes some strange turns when it comes to what headlines are in the news today
  • Winner named Jennifer tells us about all the fun ins and outs of waxing vaginas
  • How people feel about naming children after relatives and the drama that it can create
  • And more!

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