These past few days haven’t exactly been too great for America, from the tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas over the weekend to the death of one of the greatest rock stars in American history Tom Petty. Kevin Klein Live did their best to deal with these low points for the country, from trying to get a grasp on the situation to trying to provide those grieving with a distraction to help go through the day. Because that’s what your friends at Kevin Klein Live are here for: a few hours of entertainment to distract from the horrors of reality.

Plus, at Danica’s wedding, Ally was shown a photo on a coworker’s phone that they definitely weren’t expecting or wanting to see, which involved seeing the coworker “mid-stroke”. This got the show reminiscing on similar circumstances with family members, friends, and others that disturbed them to the core. Listeners shared examples that included family member nudes in an old Playboy and accidental d-pics posted on people’s Facebook page. And despite this, Useless Weirdo still couldn’t excuse any of the weird items on his browser history, the degenerate.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • San Jose Sharks’ Logan Couture calls in to talk a new NHL season, the status on his teeth, the team being in Las Vegas last weekend, and more
  • Debate on whether Ally will be the bride or the groom in her upcoming lesbian wedding
  • The Random Excuse Generator is powered on again to help get listeners out of work and into our 3rd Birthday Party today at 1 PM at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco
  • And more!

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