It’s Double Trouble Thursday on Kevin Klein Live, so that means you’re getting the full show today from start to finish! That means you’re getting everything, which of course includes yet another wedding for Ally to deal with: her mom’s wedding this weekend. Ally was given the role of witness, which she was proud of, but Kevin was ready with “examples” to prove how meaningless the title of witness truly is. It’s spirit breaking radio the only way Kevin Klein Live knows how!

Plus, Dead Eyes once again was at the dentist getting numbed up with Novocaine, so instead of resting post-oral surgery, Kevin made him record some audio. The audio Kevin required was Dead Eyes reciting lyrics to Smashing Pumpkins songs, so listeners could try to guess which song he was quoting for the chance to win tickets to see William Patrick Corgan in November. And despite any opinion to the contrary, this is far better use of Dead Eyes’ recovery time than any napping could possibly do.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • Kevin puts the freeloading employees to the test with offers of free tickets via a giant e-mail blast to the entire company
  • Duping Around With Kevin talks about women scamming rich men to steal their watches at one of the happiness moments of existence
  • “Riveting” highlights from 2017 WNBA Finals that entertains Kevin but irritates Ally
  • And more!

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