Kevin has been forced to go to another music class with his infant where yet again the playlist is driving him insane. Kevin brought two of the new songs he and his daughter have been subjected to, where they’ve just given up on any instrumentation and seems to have hired some creepy dude in a van off the street to record some not quite rhyming lines. The show is beyond puzzled by the lessons infants could possibly gain from these songs, but hey, it’s a thrill and therapeutic for Kevin to rip them to shreds on air.

Plus, new statistics have come out on what percentage of men have sent d pics in their life, which Kevin says must be a crazy and hideous thing to see end up in your inbox. But asking if such a text has ever been a welcome surprise, a plethora of women called in with their stories of times they have been sent d pics, which are stories that range from horrifying to just straight up bizarre. What is it about penis that makes men send photos of it to random people and think it’ll lead to fun times in the bed room? Well, besides horniness…

Also on today’s podcast:

  • A game of Stranger Danger gets Star Wars nerd heated on Kevin’s answer for where the Ewoks live
  • 7 @ 7 looks at which parts of the plane are filled with the most germs
  • Caller gives her audition over the phone for a possible opening on the Live 105 on air staff
  • And more!

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