Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 11.06.17

Today’s Kevin Klein Live saw Kevin reveal some disturbing opinions with the return of the game How Many Cats Do You Have? Before the game even got started, Kevin began discussing how little he values the lives of cats, which obviously upset Ally, proud owner of two cats of her own. Kevin even began comparing cats’ lives to dogs’ lives and going into the long history of dogs dying on film. Must have been a little tough for the game’s proud cat owner contestant to listen to while waiting on hold.

Plus, Ally had herself an uncomfortable situation with a stranger over the weekend. The stranger asked her for the time, which for some reason left Ally rather uneasy for a multitude of reasons. Maybe it was the fact it was a businessman who apparently didn’t have a watch or maybe it’s the fact this show is slowly becoming more and more antisocial and never wants to interact with a stranger ever again. Thankfully that’s the void cell phones and social media are here to fix!

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