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Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 11.07.17

It’s been nearly thirty years since the infamous “I Learned It From Watching You” anti-drug PSA, but it looks like those days have drastically changed. Parents are now beginning to openly use marijuana while raising their children and using it in the same way parents used to need a glass of wine to deal with their brats. Kevin Klein Live looked into this new trend, with news reports on the subject and callers who were featured on national news coverage. Regardless of what any naysayers have to say, Kevin wants to make sure everyone know that he, as a marijuana parent, smokes it so he can ignore he child.

Plus, it’s not even December, but Christmas advertising and holiday jingles are already starting up all over the place. Some people may enjoy hearing the songs while others are already annoyed. Regardless of your opinion, Kevin Klein Live has news that Christmas songs do indeed affect your mental health in a significant and measurable way, but not necessary 100% positively or negatively. The only thing that anyone could take away from this discussion is to stay away from your creepy uncle and that Bing Crosby is a radio ratings magnet.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • Today’s 7 @ 7 gives the top reasons to send your food order back to the kitchen and how Kevin’s too big a wuss to ever do that
  • Twinkie tries to get random people of the streets to give words of encouragement to Trump on the anniversary of his election
  • A listener sends in a song to honor both of Kevin’s butt holes he was born with
  • And more!

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