Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 11.09.17

Double Trouble Thursday is here to bring you the joy of double the normal podcast length, so it’s the show from beginning to end! Listen to the first ever game of High Steaks, where a vegan was put to the test with some trivia. The catch here was that if they got the question wrong, they would have to eat some meat lovingly provided by Bacon Raider BBQ. While Kevin and Ally were salivating over the “punishments”, the vegan was very uncomfortable with the whole experience. You can see the video of the experience over at the Kevin Klein Live Facebook page.

Plus, the show took a quiz in order to see which of them would be the best parent. Kevin was convinced that the whole point of this was to out him as being a terrible father, but as the quiz went along it seemed his fears were alleviated. Useless Weirdo proved to be a tyrannical parent using humiliation tactics as punishment while Ally managed to end up looking like the biggest perv of them all. Surprisingly, Dead Eyes ended up looking much better by comparison in a topic involving young children. Who could’ve seen that coming?

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