Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 11.10.17

With the San Francisco 49ers’ season pretty much looking terrible at this point, Kevin Klein Live wanted to take desperate measures to ensure the season wouldn’t be a complete disappointment. The show has been a rather successful mush when it comes to sports results not going the desired way, so perhaps reverse psychology is in store? This tactic was put to the test with the help of two listeners willing to get tattoos in studio that read “49ers 0-16” before the season even ends.  Now the work done by Rebel Gallery was of great quality, but would this actually work to the team’s advantage?

Plus, comedian JB Smoove stopped by the studio to promote his shows at Cobb’s Comedy Club this Friday and Saturday night. JB Smoove came by and commented on the current situation with regards to Louis CK, who JB worked with on the classic film Pootie Tang. It was a tough topic to touch on, but JB Smoove felt that things are just bull s–t right now. But most importantly, JB Smoove helped put to rest a mystery that has Kevin Klein Live on the edge for weeks: does Ally in fact have a hamburger ass?

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