Listeners Get 49ers “0-16” Tattoos On Kevin Klein Live

It has been a rough season for the San Francisco 49ers. After an off-season of hope, buoyed by the hiring of head coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch, the Niners have stumbled to an 0-9 start. Though there are 7 games remaining on the schedule, a zero win season remains a real possibility. This morning, Kevin Klein Live listeners permanently inked their skin with “0-16” in an attempt to break the curse.

Every Super Bowl, every World Series, you see stories of people who got a championship tattoo in advance, then watched their team lose. The concept here is similar, but with a reverse psychology twist. By getting the tattoo, listeners Edgar from Hayward (a season ticket holder) and Cole from San Jose believe they are actually helping the 49ers break their losing streak.

Tattoo artists from Rebel Gallery in Hunter’s Point provided the skill (and needles) necessary to make this happen. The result is two high quality tatts that may or may not have the ability to turn the season around.

We’ll find out if the reverse mush worked this Sunday as San Francisco hosts the New York Giants.


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