Today’s Kevin Klein Live saw the return of one of the most beloved parts of the show: the Dank Tank! James Bong was on the phone from Las Vegas, who was part of the last Dank Tank the show did back on 4/20. Considering how much time it’s been, there were plenty of ideas listeners have been holding onto for some time, but there were only so many Kevin Klein Live could get to. From glowing coconuts to hiring a better traffic reporter, the Bay Area listeners certainly prove that creativity is just as potent around here as the marijuana strains.

Plus, with Thanksgiving fast approaching and people returning to the cities they grew up, Kevin mentioned that his wife really wants to visit her childhood home with their daughter. Kevin was completely confused by this, which to him felt to be very creepy and intrusive to the current occupants’ current home. Despite Kevin eventually having to agree with his wife down the line, the entire audience seemed to think this whole thing is rather weird, but hey, we all have a need to revisit old memories, even if that old memory is currently being used for a brothel.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • Bob Saget joins the show to talk being engaged, his bromance with John Stamos, and more
  • Twinkie tries to get people to sign an anti-wooden clipboard petition attached to a wooden clipboard
  • A discussion on sexual predators leads to Useless Weirdo talking about the mating habits of salmon
  • And more!

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