KKLive: Super Bowl Recap, Smokeable Arrangements For V-Day & More #TrendasaurusThe Falcons may have lost, but at least you got to watch a lot of politically charged lumber commercials, right?
KKLive: Sitting Is The New Smoking, Tech Billionaires Building Undergrown Bunkers & More #TrendasaurusIf the end of the world comes, run to Mark Zuckerburg's house.
KKLive: Pottermelons, A Beer Recall When We Need It Most & More #Trendasaurusyou'll have to find another liquid to drown your sorrows in..
KKLive: The Inventor Of The Red Solo Cup Dies, The Word F*ck Was Used A F*ckload In 2016 & More #TrendasaurusOur solo cup runneth over with tears, and beers.
KKLive: More Offensive Holiday Cups, Men's Underwear For Your Junk-Grabbing Problem & More #TrendasaurusTurn your genitals into a pair of Marionuts!
KKLive: Cat Ownership = Kinky Sex, An Ode To General Tso & More #TrendasaurusIn the words of a stupid news headline: MEOWCH!
KKLive: The Warriors New Stadium Is Official, Your Lack Of Sleep Is Losing You Money & More #Trendasaurusit pays to sleep. know this.
Weed Microdosing Is The Future, #Trendasaurus Gets It's Own Emoji & More From KKLive
KKLive: Weed Gives You Night Vision, A Custody Battle Over World Series Tickets & More #TrendasaurusIs that a bag of Doritos I see in the night sky? Why yes, yes it is.
KKLive: Virgins Rejoice as SF Gets It's First Lightsaber School, Breaking DinoNews & More #TrendasaurusTime for a very special NERD ALERT!
KKLive: Forbes Richest Bay Area Celebrities, Dog Unitards & More #Trendasaurus#1 will (not) surprise you...
KKLive: Steve Young Talks Crooked Refs, California's Official Fabric Is...Denim? & More #Trendasaurus

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